The Italian Game

Welcome once more into the world of open games! Our second article takes us on a ride through one of the most important openings starting with 1.e4 e5. This is an opening that is tied to romantic, classical chess: we are talking about the Italian Game. It is the second most common opening in the […]

The Scotch Game

Welcome to our first article on the open games! As you probably know, open games consist on openings that begin with the moves 1.e4 e5. Since these moves are very often played on chess boards all over the world, and between players of all levels, it is of crucial importance to know all about these […]

En passant

En Passant

What is En passant? En passant is a French expression. Literally translated, it means ‘in passing‘. It is a move in the game of chess. It is used by a pawn to capture another pawn. Pawns can usually move one or two places ahead in the first move in the same rank and thereafter can […]