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How To Become a Chess Master (Lifetime Access)

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a chess master.

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No more needing to read through hundreds of chess books, having to set up the boards yourself and parsing through a bunch of annotations, trying to figure out what the big ideas are or what point the author is trying to make.

All you need is an hour a day. Just sit back, watch the videos and you will have all the concepts and ideas you need to know laid out for you. All you have to do is be there and be ready to learn.

Get everything you need to learn laid out for you

Don't waste your time trying to figure out what books or resources you need to have in order to supplement your learning. 

You will have exactly what you need to study. Just follow the lesson plans and devote an hour a day.  

Group of experts to help show you the way

You are not alone. Get help from others who have been there before. We will have a dedicated group of chess masters inside our Facebook Group there to answer all of your questions whenever you get stuck. You will get a response back to any question you have in 24 hours.

I set myself the goal of becoming a National Master (2200) at some point in my life. I wanted to reach that level because chess is a hobby of mine, and I want the satisfaction and sense of achievement.

I knew it would be very difficult and thought it was probably a pipe dream, especially since I was starting chess late, trying to do this as an adult. I was somewhat obsessed and taught myself mainly with books and playing online.

I was always much better at tactics than anything else, but I plateaued when I got to levels where my opponent's weren't dropping material. 

I realized that if I wanted to reach master efficiently I needed to master openings, endgames, and strategy.  

My openings were terrible, so I’m sure that studying openings would help. It’s just that there were so many and I wasn't sure which ones I should study.

I tried playing 1.d4 and 1.e4 thinking that there was some merit to switching up opening moves and getting more exposure to various setups, but I just wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do or if I should just use a universal opening system like the London system or Hedgehog defense.

I didn't know if I should focus on playing online, or OTB. Or if I did play online, what time controls I should play. I didn't know what were the most important books/concepts to study.

I spent years trying to figure this stuff out with most of the things I studied not really improving my OTB play at all. 

I had to learn and/or explain strategic concepts that previously I'd never considered during games, at least consciously.

I had to stop relying on out-calculating my opponents and play more principled chess, instead of trying to force complications even when the position demanded a different treatment.

Since I started chess so late, I was missing some of the visualization of the board that others who learned the game very young find to be nearly effortless.

I had to learn how to visualize positions in my head and play with them without a chessboard and how to start properly calculating instead of just playing intuitively.

I really wish a course like this existed earlier, where it had everything I needed to learn to become a chess master just laid out. That way I could've just focused on watching the videos, learning the right things and doing the practice exercises instead of trying to learn everything.

Alberto Queiroz

Chess National Master

What you will get

Your studying plan needs to be different

Kids can improve rapidly in chess because they have tons of free time to just play. As an adult, you just don't have the same amount of free time to focus on studying chess. We understand that, and that's why we made a program tailored to your schedule. All you need is 1 hour a day.

Don't do it alone

It's hard to stick with studying and improving your chess every day, and it's not your fault. Get an accountability partner inside our Facebook group that can keep you on track so you can be sure you will reach your goals.

Being self taught

Most people who are self-taught have a rocky foundation on the fundamentals of chess. In this course, we will correct that, work on the basics and build you up to master level.

Someone who's been in your shoes

Most chess players who have reached a rating of 2200+ have done because they started playing chess young. This course has been made by people who have started chess late in their lives and then became masters.

Know what to study

It's incredibly difficult to find good resources to teach yourself chess. That's why we curated everything you need to know in order to become a chess master in one place.

At Your Own Pace

Follow this course at your own pace, at your own time and convenience. The videos and training problems will always be there for you.

The Pricing Plan

IMPORTANT: This course has LIMITED ENROLLMENT and the course is currently in its PILOT stage and enrollment will only be available for a couple of days.

Because we will be having a staff of chess masters available to answer all of your questions in the Facebook group and reviewing your games each month, we need a minimum amount of users pre-enrolled in the course in order to scale and make things work.

If we are NOT able to get enough students enrolled during this pilot launch, we will provide you a full 100% refund. 

Payment below acts as a DEPOSIT and GUARANTEES you a SLOT in this course if we are able to get enough students to launch.

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Have your games analyzed by a Chess Master every month

Everyone is different, and your study plan needs to be too. Look. You can self study all you want, BUT you need to have an expert analyze your games and give you feedback specific to you what you need to do to improve. 

Once you join, once a month, you can send in some games, and we will have our team of titled players analyze them and provide you with a custom study plan on what you need to work on in order to improve your game.