guide to

The Alekhine

How To Play The Alekhine Defense,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Exchange variation 2 White’s Plans
3 Protect Center Pawns
4 Keep pawn chain connected
5 Take more space from Black’s Position
Black’s Plans
6 Either take back pawn with e-pawn
(Leads to symmetrical or balanced game)
7 Or take back pawn with c-pawn
(Leads to Asymmetrical or imbalanced game)
8 Attack White’s Center From A Distance
(Using Bishop)
Four Pawns attack 9 White’s Plans
10 Hold on to center pawns
11 Avoid exchanging pieces
(Space Advantage - Need to attack)
Black’s Plans
12 Use c-pawn to attack White’s Over Extended Pawns
13 Use g-pawn to attack White’s Over Extended Pawns
Modern Variation 14 White’s Plans
15 Hold space advantage by protecting the central pawns
16 Castle Kingside
Black’s Plans
17 Counter attack center with Bishop and pawn
18 Pin Knight To Queen
Balogh Variation 19 White’s Plans
20 Coordinate Attack On Kingside
21 Use this pawn to break open Kingside
Black’s Plans
22 Gain Tempo chasing bishop away
23 Block Off Bishop’s Diagonal