guide to

The French

How To Play The French Defense,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Advanced Variation 2 White’s Plans
3 Move Knights to Defend d4
4 Take Black’s Knight on h6
(Damages Kingside Pawn Structure)
5 Push on g4
6 Push on a3
Black’s Plans
7 Move Knights to Attack d4
8 Take White’s Knight on a3
(Removes defender of d4)
9 Play Knight to b4
10 Swing rook to c-file
(Then open up file)
Classic Variation 11 White’s Plans
12 Point Bishop Toward Black’s Kingside
13 Swing Rook Over To Attack Black’s Kingside
14 Control d4 w/ Knight
Black’s Plans
15 Play …f6 to open up lines
16 Push pawns for Queenside Attack
17 Control long diagonal with light squared bishop
18 Place Knight on c4
Winawer Variation 19 White’s Plans
20 Advance a4
21 Play Qg4
22 Push h pawn for Kingside Attack
23 Point Bishop Toward Black’s Kingside
Black’s Plans
24 Block a4 with Bishop
25 Push c4
26 Swing Queen over to Kingside
27 Place Knight on c4
Exchange Variation 28 White’s Plans
29 Develop Queen Early
30 Pushing b3
Black’s Plans
31 Exchange Bishops Off
32 Advancing the c pawn