guide to

The Italian

How To Play The Italian Game,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

The Hungarian Defense 2 White’s Plans
3 Gain space in the center
4 Expand on Queenside
5 If Black plays cxd5, take back with c-pawn
Black’s Plans
6 Challenge the center
7 Expand on the Kingside
8 Safeguard the King
The Two Knights Defense 9 White’s Plans
10 Secure e-pawn and expand on Queenside
11 Attack King With Bishop And Knight
12 Control the center with Knight
Black’s Plans
13 Place the Knight on f4 via d5
14 Play h6 to push the Knight away from g5
15 Control b-file with Rook
Evans Gambit 16 White’s Plans
17 Control the center with c3-d4
18 Put pressure on f7 with Bc4 and Qb3
19 Place Bishop on this diagonal
Black’s Plans
20 Take the gambit pawn
21 Counter-attack in the center with d5
22 Create an isolated pawn for White
Giuoco Piano (main line) 23 White’s Plans
24 Control the center
25 Expand on the Queenside
26 Retreat the Bishop to c2
Black’s Plans
27 Pin White's Knight with Bg4
28 Get the Knight to f4 via h5
29 Expand on the Kingside