guide to

The King's

How To Play The King's Gambit,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Kings Gambit Accepted
King's Knight's Gambit
2 White’s Plans
3 Prevent Queen From Getting To This Square
4 Counter g-pawn expansion
5 Attack this Square
(Only defended by King)
Black’s Plans
6 Secure won pawn
7 Expand g-pawn forward
8 Get Queen To This Square
(To Attack King)
Kings Gambit Accepted
Bishop's Gambit
9 White’s Plans
10 Chase Queen From This Square
(You gain tempo but lose right to castle)
11 Challenge Queen with Pawn
12 Counter attack Black’s Kingside with bishop and Queen
Black’s Plans
13 Secure won pawn
14 Protect weak square using Knight
15 Have Queen Attack This Square
(King will lose ability to castle)
Kings Gambit Declined
Falkbeer Countergambit
16 White’s Plans
17 Prevent Black’s pawn from advancing
18 Use Knight to protect Kingside
19 Take White’s pawn
Black’s Plans
20 Prevent White From Castling
21 Coordinate attack on this square
22 Open up center
(Creates lines to attack Kingside)
Kings Gambit Declined Classical Defense 23 White’s Plans
24 Trade Knight For Bishop
(So you can castle)
25 Castle Kingside
(Prevent Black’s Attacks)
26 Do NOT take Black’s e-pawn with f-pawn
(Vulnerable to Queen attack)
Black’s Plans
27 Use Bishop to Keep White From Castling
28 Attack vulnerable Kingside