guide to

The Queen's

How To Play The Queen's Gambit,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Queen's Gambit Accepted 2 White’s Plans
3 Free Bishop To Take Back Pawn
4 Or Take back Pawn with Queen
5 Get both pawns in the center
Black’s Plans
6 Use c-pawn to counter attack White
7 Take White’s d-pawn (if possible)
8 Attack White’s Isolated d-pawn
Slav Defense 9 White’s Plans
10 Attack Queenside flank with Pawns
11 Secure this center pawn
12 Try to advance this pawn forward
Black’s Plans
13 Use bishop to attack this long diagonal
14 Secure this center pawn
15 Try to advance this pawn forward
Chigorin Defense 16 White’s Plans
17 Try and win this pawn
18 If won, put both pawns in the center
19 Otherwise, secure this pawn
Black’s Plans
20 Pin White’s Knight to Queen
21 Trade Bishop for Knight to White doubled pawns
22 Secure this center pawn
Albin Countergambit 23 White’s Plans
24 Put e-pawn here to challenge Black's center
25 Attack long diagonal with bishop
Black’s Plans
26 Advance this pawn forward
27 Castle Queenside
28 Attack Kingside flank with Pawns