guide to

The Ruy

How To Play The Ruy Lopez,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Berlin Defense 2 White’s Plans
3 Place both rooks on open file
4 Trade a Knight For a Bishop
(so Black won't have bishop pair)
Black’s Plans
5 Pin White’s Knight to Queen
6 Place rook on open d-file
7 Castle Kingside
Exchange Variation 8 White’s Plans
9 Exchange center pawns
(To trade pieces off board)
10 Attack Queenside Flank using a-pawn
11 Move Queen to Kingside
Black’s Plans
12 Try to trade off doubled pawn
13 Exchange wing for center pawn
(Open up position for Bishops)
14 Move Queen to Queenside
15 Avoid trading pieces
(Advantageous For Bishop pair)
Closed Defense 16 White’s Plans
17 Set up c3-d4 to gain center control
18 Transfer Queen’s Knight to Kingside
Black’s Plans
19 Expand on Queenside Flank
20 Counter-attack center with d-pawn
21 Coordinate attack on e-pawn
Arkhangelsk Defense 22 White’s Plans
23 Set up c3-d4 to gain center control
24 Attack Queenside flank with a-pawn
25 Retreat Bishop Here
Black’s Plans
26 Swing rook to b-file
27 Pin White’s Knight
28 Open up b-file for rook