guide to

The Scotch

How To Play The Scotch Game,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

The Scotch Gambit 2 White’s Plans
3 Prevent Pieces From Coming To This Square
4 Take Back Pawn With Knight
5 Move King off this diagonal
6 Expand on Kingside
Black’s Plans
7 Expand on Queenside
8 Move Knight Here
(Exchange Knight For Bishop)
9 Swing Rook Over to Pressure e-pawn
The Steinitz Variation 10 White’s Plans
11 Protect Pawn With Knight
12 Counter Attack With Fork
Black’s Plans
13 Win Pawn With Queen
14 Use Bishop To Pin Knight
(So Queen can win pawn)
The Classical Variation 15 White’s Plans
16 Castle Queenside
17 Take Black’s Knight
18 Offer Queen Exchange
(Prevent Attack)
Black’s Plans
19 Coordinate attack on this square
20 Put pressure on the semi-open e-file
21 Open up lines
(Better chances of successful attack)