guide to

The Slav

How To Play The Slav Defense,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Main line 2 White’s Plans
3 Recapture pawn with Bishop
4 Take control of this square
5 Place Knight on here -
(To take this pawn)
Black’s Plans
6 Either put Bishop here to control this square
7 Or put bishop here
(Prevents e-pawn from advancing)
8 Protect square just defended by King
a6 Slav (Chebanenko) 9 White’s Plans
10 Take away Black’s Space on Queenside
11 Place the bishop here to control Rook from coming here
12 Support this pawn
Black’s Plans
13 Push this pawn forward
(To secure won pawn)
14 Exchange pawn to open up position for rook
15 Exchange pawn to open up position for rook
Semi-slav 16 White’s Plans
17 Use bishop to protect pawn
18 Put bishop here
(pins Blacks Queen and frees Bishop)
19 Develop Queen And Bishop Here
Black’s Plans
20 Win pawn and hold on to it
21 Challenge Bishop
(If White trades, Black gets Bishop pair)
22 Expand on the Queenside
General Slav Defense 23 White’s Plans
24 Get Knight Here
25 Have Queen attack Queenside Flank
26 Don’t allow enemy pieces to get to this square
27 Castle Kingside
Black’s Plans
28 Place Bishop on Long Diagonal
29 Get Knight Here
30 Open up file center
(For Rook)