guide to

The Scandinavian

How To Play The Scandinavian Defense,
The Theory Behind It,
And How To Counter It

Mieses-Kotroc Variation 2 White’s Plans
3 Place bishop on this diagonal
(To Target this pawn)
4 Place Rook on this File
(targeting this pawn)
5 Open up lines
(So bishop and rook can attack pawn)
Black’s Plans
6 Trade Bishop For Knight
(Prevents White From Controlling This square)
7 If Can’t Exchange Bishop For Knight
(Exchange Knight For Knight)
8 Set up Caro Formation
Modern Variation 9 White’s Plans
10 Let White Get Pawn Back
11 Once Pawn Is Taken
(Gain Time Attacking Knight)
Black’s Plans
12 Take back pawn with Knight
(Avoids overextending Queen)
13 Use Knights To Attack Pawns From A Distance